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Talks and Interviews

It never rains but it pours. Having never given a talk or interview before in the last year I've done four, all megagaming related. This is a short summary of those appearances.

The Great Game Podcast - Episode 8: Anubis Heresy with John

The Anubis Heresy was my attempt to make a game specifically for online play. Over the summer of 2020 it had two playtests using first Roll20 and then a website of my own design. Ultimately the tech overlapped too much with Project Nexus not to move to that. The design hasn't gone anywhere, it's just dormant until I get a handle on the new software.

MegaCon 2021 - Map Design for Dummies

This was a whirlwind tour covering the technical, game design, artistic and usability sides of making maps for megagames. In one hour no topic gets much coverage, but it provides a starting point for anyone wanting to make a game map.

True North's 2021 Design Symposium - The Economy as Terrain for your Game

This talk didn't end up how I'd hoped, but the intention was to get designers to thing differently about the role of the game's economy and how to develop one.

MegaCon Mini Talk - Play-by-email (PbEM)

A panel with Rob Grayston and Stuart Martyn, all of us ran "medium to large player count play-by-email games" in the last year and we talked about how they went and their relationship to megagames (after avoiding the question of 'are they megagames?')

It was certainly a learning experience but by and large they went well; hopefully I'll pluck up the courage to make more appearances in the future.

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