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Intrepid Histories is a storytelling game for 3-5 players that takes 2 to 2 1/2 hours to play.

Explore a historic journey, but set in an alternative history.

Follow Napoleon's Grande Armee in the 1812 invasion of Russia.

Explore with Ferdinand Magellan on his circumnavigation of the globe.

March across the alps with Hanibal and his war elephants.

Embark on the Hajj with Mansa Musa.

Look for the lost tribe of the Yuezhi with Zhang Qian.

Hunt the Ripper through the streets of London.


Each scenario always follows the same journey, but the alternate history will be unique to your group. Everythig you need to know about the real historic events will be provided by the scenario.

This game has finished development and playtesting and is in the final stages of writing. External playtesting is still welcome.

In Development.

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