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Roleplaying Games

You and your friends will collaborate to tell the epic stories of characters braving quests filled with glory and adventure. Take control of characters within that world and create it around them as you experience their loves and losses, failures and triumphs.


Roleplaying Poems are short, focused games that typically take less than 30 minutes to play.


Explore a historic journey, but set in an alternative history.

Each scenario always follows the same journey, but the alternate history will be unique to your group.


The Apple Games are an ongoing series of roleplaying poems, inspired by the music of Apple of my Eye (to a greater or lesser degree).


Annex is a free roleplaying game based on the book Ancillary Justice and the mechanics are inspired by the Occupy movement’s hand signals.


Inkling is a word-based card game for 3-6 players which plays in 20 minutes.

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The old world is dead and after the fall is not a place for the faint of heart. Do you have what it takes to survive after the apocalypse?


A small megagame where players lead a space fleet of survivors fleeing a massive attack.


In the near future magic has returned and everything seems peaceful in the land of Swanshire.

A megagame of magic medicine and mischief.

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A small megagame set during the 870s about the viking invasion of England and the establishment of Danelaw.

Other Games

A “city wide game”, Oxford Spies sees 2-3 teams of players taking on the role of spies and walking through the streets of a city looking for the intelligence their agents need and foiling their rivals.

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